In a private Facebook Group that I’m part of came across a technique that is fast for growing Facebook Page Likes. And according to me, it will be useful for the owners of small to medium sized Facebook page.

Also, note the fact, it’s only meant to be used on Page with less than 1 Lacks people following it.

Below is mentioned technique for grabbing higher Page Likes

Ok, before starting the process. You need to have a Facebook Page(that you owns) and must have below 1 Lacks followers. Make sure that you are using a desktop computer(not a mobile) and logged in with the profile ID and not your Page.

Head over to your Facebook Page and try to find a post that you have done have at-least a few likes from people. Click the link “XX others” and it will open up a popup that lists everyone that says ‘Liked’ (for the people who have already liked your page) or ‘Invite’(for the people who have probably seen your page though is still have not liked it).

Click that ‘invite button’ to send a message from the Facebook Profile of yours that will invite them to click ‘like’ for your Page. On the test that I have performed around 15%-30% of the users seem to accept the Invitation to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page.

There are a couple of factors to keep in mind that makes this setup work:-

  1. the personal profile appears on invitations and not the Page name. On the 1wCafe Page name, I will probably perform the task of inviting people which look like more of a personal brand and not from the photos or art blog Page where my readers are not familiar with the name associated.
  2. as the time passes between person liking the post, more likely they will accept the Invitation to ‘Like’ your Page. Don’t go back through like last 5 years of Facebook posts and sending an invitation to anyone who liked your posts ever during this period of time. However, think of this as a technique that will work efficiently if done in short period of time after the person likes your post.

This should be performed as part of a routine and discuss with us how it’s going for you.

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