Connecting with other bloggers and authority sites around the world is key to your blogs success because it allows you to reach out to hundreds of thousands of others who potentially have an interest in the content you have to offer. This makes building an online presence much easier than if you were to want to do the same offline. Doing the same offline wouldn’t provide you with as many users to reach out to because you can only reach out to so many locals in that specific location, and the overhead costs would be more – but with thanks to the internet you can reach out to anyone all over the world.

Another benefit when looking to make connections online is that mostly everyone online can be reached via email or via social media, no matter how popular or how big of a website they provide. This makes it much easier for smaller bloggers to make connections with the more established bloggers because they can get in touch with their owners quite easily, and establish a connection that could end up being very rewarding.

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So, the question now is, how do you begin to make connections with these top bloggers? Well it’s pretty simple really and we highlight a few of the different options available to you below.

Sending emails

Ok so this one is one of the most basic ways of being able to reach those famous bloggers, but it is successful. Sometimes you may not hear back from them, because they are some of the biggest bloggers after all so the chances are they are too busy to reply. However, if you keep sending out emails (without spamming) to hundreds of different blogs, you will find that a good percentage of them do reply and you will be able to build a relationship from that. Keep in mind that the more time you spend on writing a quality email that gives them some use, you will likely hear back from them rather than sending them an email with a simple “Hello”. These people get hundreds if not thousands of emails on a weekly basis so they are only likely to respond to those that have spent the time to send them an email containing something of value.

Attending conferences

Possibly one of the most rewarding ways of getting your name out there is to attend internet marketing conferences to meet the other website owners physically. This is great because you will get to know each other on a personal basis and then who knows what can happen after? Conferences are happening all the time now and there is always likely to be one close to you, and even if there isn’t, start getting serious about your blog and travel to them instead.

girls-commentingBlog commenting

This way is a good way of meeting the authors of the blog because they often read a lot of the comments placed in response to their blog posts so you will always get some form of reply. Of course, there are a lot of blog comments that are used to spam different websites so always make sure you reply on a personal basis. Spending time to write a quality blog comment is key instead of just a few words with the URL attached to it – they are likely to overlook these comments and may even delete them if they deem them to be unnecessary.

These are just a few of the ways you can interactive with those successful blog owners and you may find that a lot of them have their own personal Facebook and Twitter accounts that you can try and connect to them with so there are plenty of ways thanks to the internet that you can get your name out there with the help of other blog owners.

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