2017 Year of BloggingThe present year, if devoted to writing quality content focused on various products, could provide us with the big break everyone in blogging needs. At beginning months of the year, I would like to do some clean-up of my blog as I have got time over the weekends.
I’m thrilled and knows that our blog readers are enthusiazed to get going. Below are some of my various points for turning your blog into excellent form for 2017.

  1. Habit of DayDreaming

Think where you’re leading with your blog, in a style of daydreaming and not in an actual result based experience. Imagine it for a time period. Dive deep into thoughts about what your inner senses desire for your blog. The response turns out to be a wake-up call for you.

  1. Draft a Strategy

How much of the tasks you have been DayDreaming can achieve towards the end of this year? What is going to be feasible leading towards a workable plan? Break the tasks towards monthly/weekly/daily basis if you want to make sure the things sorted out remain close to your strategy.

  1. Make some Arrangement

Now comes the sensitive side, it’s now time to get some goals and these could be small or big depending on the size of your blogs. As proposals come our way, it would be better to set goals, drive us forward and decide whether it’s worth our time looking into them.

Does this get us closer to our achieving our goals? For achieving goals work out ways on how you will get there.

  1. Make a Schedule

Talking about Schedules, like it for all things – my web development work, my work here at 1wCafe, freelancer projects, household related work – and other related things. This makes me prepare for the things that are coming up and the stress of making decisions on the spot is taken out. That is the reason I schedule everything from preparing breakfast to brainstorming ideas for blog post.

  1. Be a Churning Machine

As a blogger, it’s the dream of everyone to churn out informative content, and it’s the dream of everyone to have it done in short hours we allocated for blogging. Instead of getting things done by writing a blog post, we could be spending time on Facebook, my dog could be hungry or write half the blog post and go off with something else.


It’s time to write down if you haven’t yet in an abstract what your blog is about, the topics it covers. Also get your readers informed what you want to achieve with your blog and what information people could draw from it.

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