Reasons-Youre-Losing-Money-on-Your-BlogEach week hours are spent by you writing for your blog, although towards the end of the month, there is no money coming in your bank account from blogging activity. In fact, after adding up all expenses related to keeping the blog alive, you’re in reality losing some money.

Following are some of the major factors that lead to loss of money and also mentioned some of the ways to overcome them:

  1. Examine the Niche Once

Personal interests with niche plays a small role regarding finances of the blog, while its important that you remain obsessed with niche chosen. Ultimately, the blog content has to be interesting for readers to decide whether the blog will prosper or not. If the niche you’re writing about lacks the reader base then the root cause of problem is the lack of readers for the content that is being written.

“If you’re pledged towards fabricating a blog having tons of visitors and lucrative in terms of profit it generates, you’ll have to talk, write and read on the subject matter almost each day for coming years. You as a blogger has to invest thousand hours for various activities devoted towards the website, precisely laying odds with them.” As stated by a noted blogger

As stated by this blogger and question he asked, why you’re losing money by not researching your subject matter and sticking to hope that someone will notice your writing? If proper steps are not taken at this moment then you will either have to shut down your present blog, to launch a fresh one that is written on a properly researched niche or find a way to optimize the content of your present one.

  1. Profitability of Blog isn’t a Preference

A number of bloggers are out there who’re lazy to write regularly. If you’re losing money on your blog, then this probably means that you’re in the habit of being called a lazy person and can’t be called as chasing prosperity.

We keep reading article headlines like “Here’s the secret to making $31,929 per month with a single website from home” or “I was able to work full time on my own four weeks after blogging.” Out of misfortune, these articles are written to generate clicks, and out of misfortune is that people assume them to be true, and possible to make money writing from their sofa.

Successful bloggers put-in more effort and hours each week into their work than full-time professionals employed at major companies. Hence, spending only a few hours per week into blogging isn’t giving it preference in one’s life. Maybe, that’s the reason for not making money.

  1. Not Inclined to Spend Time and Money

When blogging is not a certain preference in your life, then you as a person break down and can’t make it rewarding. The most recognizable things these commits are time and money. When concluding the blog it usually takes time, hence let’s turn our attention towards the part that drives all this thing i.e. money.

As an old saying “It takes money to make money”, consider your blog a kind of investment. As all of us would like to make money from their blog you will be required to invest money. If you go back to pre-launch research and are confident in the blog then you will invest your own money as niche chose by you looks fruitful.

  1. Are you having “Come and Find Me” Scenario?

When the blog is few months old and action plan chosen by you is write & publish content and then wait for readers to find it in search engines which rarely happens. Instead, implement “Go-Getter” strategy under which one monetizes blog from early days, share on social media and Making connections with other bloggers and authority sites is key

Stop losing Money Blogging

Whether blogging for three months or three years stop the habit of losing money with blogging, and if you’re not making profit blogging then one of the four factors might be to blame.

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