I am often pulled apart towards a conference or an email or asked in tweet by someone wanting to know if it’s really possible to make money with blogging.

Questions often asked are like:

Is it possible to make money from blogging?

Is there just few number of people making money with blogging?

Is it possible to make money blogging if you write about the same topic?

I understand the queries completely and would like to add one more to it:

As some people realize that it’s really possible to make money blogging, how likely is it that they will succeed?

In the hope of giving true picture of the matter the topic has been covered many times here on our blog, though I think it’s worth the cost bringing it up again as there is lack of accuracy.

We often see hype regarding the topic repeatedly as people often claim to make millions from blogging in short period of time. This claim often appear with the circulation of a product or service.

Various thing people should know about blogging and making money from it:

  1. Possible to make money

Out of the ten years I have been blogging, been successful in making money nine years out of those. I started out by making a few dollars a day and in the mean time slowly flourished to become a part-time job. And in recent times the setup has grown into a business that now hire others on payroll.

I was at the right place during times I should have been – I got into blogging the time should have got into and blessed sufficiently to have launched blogs at favorable times based on the subjects I jot down about.

It’s a hobby for some that keeps them sip the coffee, for others it’s kind of alternative job providing supplementary income. Or meet other responsibilities such as raising a family. For many people skilled enough in English it is a full time thing.

  1. Multiple ways to Make Money from Blogs

When it comes to making money from the internet pros have released products claiming to be success for making money from the internet.

There is no blueprint from my knowledge.

Each regular blogger I have seen in the last decade has hammer out their personalized way and has a distinct storyline to narrate. Each blogger I have met in last few years has their own story to narrate in form of a blog and niche they work on uses different monetization methods.

  1. Niches to Monetize

The only people that makes of the blogging are the one’s that write about how to make money from blogging. This simply is not true lately as there are people who blog about photography and makes 10 times more money compared to bloggers who write about how to make money with blogging.

We surveyed around 250 readers of our blog and half of them have been making less than $100 per month and has been blogging for less than 2 years.

From my experience of attending blogging conferences for over four years now, is that the people who makes living of around 2 days in a week from blogging is on the rise.

  1. Blogging is Time Consuming

When looking at the income level more than 85% of the bloggers have been writing for more than 4 years now and others have been blogging for three or four years.

It took me around two years of full time blogging before I achieved a sustainable income level and first year of that was without any income. And took me four years before joining that top income level.

Even with four or five years decent amount of blogging and generating content there is no assurance of a suitable income level.

  1. Huge amount of Work is needed

Blogging for a considerable long amount of time is not the only key factor, other factor that I have noticed is that they have been writing on their blogs regularly.

Trying to make money passively from blogging don’t tend to work, and far away from my own experience. I have been working hard writing for my blog during last ten years than I have on anything in my life before.

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