Any newbie starting the online business can achieve the huge milestone of 100 sales and something all of us are quite keen to reach.

Here we discuss in this article the outlines of strategy used to generate sales totaling more than 100 for my fitness business. Even if someone doesn’t have a product the method can be squeezed and used to drive huge quantity of traffic to a blog all without any cost or sell your product directly.

The blueprint fundamentally requires using ‘contact us’ form on expert profile in the targeted industry and presenting a thing having significance, then make use of the people following them to get traffic to your product and generate revenue.

Steps to follow for first 100 Sales:-

Step 1: Locating Business Professionals

Finding these professionals is extremely straightforward, with the tools presently in hand. Such as manually locate the person by thoroughly locating through Twitter or Youtube – and just by looking at the profile you’ll easily get to know who the influencing players in the industry.

After gathering the list of professionals in the industry (suggested is 100-200) find their suitable communication details, social accounts, website and other places they are related on the internet.

For generating influence on the internet our goal is getting product or services shared through social channels on the web and this depends on how much influence someone has on the web is necessary. And for that collecting their communication details is necessary.

Step 2: Beginning Association

Don’t just contact the professional and start bowling.

With the amount of influence, they have means receiving a bunch of emails a day and everything that counts to self-promotion is going to be removed. Alternatively, one wants to strengthen a relationship. One is looking to make the statement private and pleasant.

I did this by raising a concern, expressing that I am a fan of the blog and describing what I liked. For example, mention positive points regarding an article the author is putting together, or judgment on product A or B.

Build a connection with the particular person, as humans like to speak about themselves. Talk about things that interest both of you and let them know in the email what’s favorable for them.

Step 3: Offer Free Product or Value in Message

Offer the person some free product or thing that has worth, as this is a nice way to build a relationship.

However, majority of product owners get it wrong. They, straight away ask for a review of product published in return for a free product give-away. Alternatively, talk about that you want them to “test” the product that your team is creating and welcome feedback/review on their blog/social channel.

Give influencers the opportunity to try your product and if they like it will possibly share it with their viewers.

Step 4: Follow Up & Association

If you have sent a product by post to someone, then follow up is the factor to keep in mind.

The simplest method to do this would be to ask if courier company has delivered the item. Take a step further, ask them what they think of the product if they have time to look at it and remind them that you will be emailing them again about opinion on the product will work extremely great.



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