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February 19, 2015

Welcome to the world of PPV!

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PPV (Pay Per View) aka CPV (Click Per View), is still a viable way to generate capital on the web.  Used for over a decade or more, it’s a fundamental process whereby marketers can alert people to their services and goods and do so in a way that can be optimized for the best ROI i.e. Return On Investment.

There are smart ways to do PPV and there are less than optimum.  Knowing the true value of the tried and true techniques is what can make the difference between success or failure.  Yes, some people make good money with Ppv and others make immense amounts of capital using this process.  It all depends on one’s ability and willingness to do one’s due diligence.  This means knowing the process from beginning to end, knowing the definitions, actions, and strategies the smart internet marketers employ.

Basically, PPV is what’s known as Adware.  A surfer installs it on their computer via software or an opt-in choice.  The adware then counts the impressions and more.  You bid on specific URLs, adwords or keywords and keyphrases to help you get more hits and conversions.  It takes diligence regarding research and maintenance but once the fundamentals are in, it’s not that difficult to follow through.

The information I’m giving out is priceless and you might think I’m crazy, but It’s all for the better good.  Now that you know what PPV is, you need to know how to sign up for a PPV network and how to make the best of it.

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December 26, 2014

Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization- A Guide for the Newbie & Experienced

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Have you been churning out quality and informative posts that are catchy in every way, but failing to rank your pages in Google? Your interesting post might not be gathering the amount of traffic that it actually deserves. Have you realized where the hitch is? Well, it’s because you have striven hard to produce posts that are unsurpassed in every way except for the keywords. The lack of target keywords acts as a snag for your posts. Wondering what’s the solution, but tired of stereotype SEO publicity posts? Well, you have landed at the right page that would steer you in the correct way. Let us start with a brief idea of keywords.

What Are Keywords?

When it comes to search engine optimization keywords are the most indispensable ones. They are the connectors in establishing a relationship between your post and you. If you are a beginner, you would come across a lot of tips suggesting you about the importance of target keywords in SEO.

It’s time that you realize that Google is a machine that employs algorithms to rank a site for specific keywords. Of course, there can be a range of factors impacting its ranking, but keywords are the most inevitable among them. Once you get the keywords rightly placed, you can proceed to other factors to build up an excellent content, like linkbuilding, etc. With a confluence of all the essential factors, you can be successful in generating a valuable post and drive traffic.

Sneak a peek here to uncover a lot of significant facts about keywords that might have stayed inarticulate to you.

What Is The Significance Of Keyword From SEO POV?

Truly, Google has already made it apparent that it doesn’t deem Meta Keywords as essential in keyword selection and it’s no surprise. Plenty of bloggers and article writers simply stuff keywords to optimize the content. So here comes the food for thought. For instance, you are writing on “Keyword Exploration” for beginners. Here, you would not want to rank that enlightening page with keywords like “Keyword”, “SEO”, etc. as visitors would simply leave your blog, adversely affecting the average time on site and bounce rate. Instead, a stringed keyword like “Significance of Keywords” would facilitate it in ranking.

You can search for the competition that your target keyword can endure, via “Traffic Travis SEO software”. Here you can learn if your keywords are easily target-able.

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November 5, 2012

The ONLY 100% FREE Craigslist PVA Method: Get Unlimited PVAs

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Buy now!
This is the only method that I know of which can ultimately get you a completely 100% FREE PVA to use on Craigslist. What is a PVA, Phone Verified Account, you ask? If you want to post in certain sections on Craigslist (i.e. “Casual Encounters / NSA”) then you must need a PVA to post as this is Craigslist’s way of preventing spam. Most providers charge up to $10+ for 1 single PVA! You need much more than 1 PVA to get anywhere on Craigslist so you can see how expensive this can get. This is where my method comes to play.

With my method you can rest assured on many things:

- NO startup costs unlike my competition.
NO expensive private proxies, special programs or other bogus products to buy… NO.
NOPVA required… yes, there are e-books where to get “FREE” PVAs you NEED a PVA in the first place. That, my friends, is absurd!
NO limit in how many FREE PVAs you can get with my method. The sky is the limit and beyond

- YES, my method is completely 100% FREE in getting as many PVAs you want! NO STARTUP CASH INVOLVED, NOTHING TO LIST ON CRAIGSLIST, NO PVAS REQUIRED, NOTHING.
YES, my method is a well written, informative, formatted and proofread step by step e-book (true .PDF format) with pictures to boot!
YES, my method is straight and to the point, easy to read, easy to follow… 9 pages of unique information totaling 2,395 words!
YES, my method is extremely affordable and lower than what the competitors want from your wallets!
YES, this e-book offers much, much more (there’s actually 3 different methods involved)!

The more effort and time, only things required from you, you put into this when using my method the more FREE PVAs you will get. If you’re smart enough to at least write an e-mail then you can do this method and get your FREE PVAs in no time. With enough effort you can easily recoup the cost of my exclusive e-book that’s more affordable than the competition!

Extremely affordable at $35.

This method has never, ever been shared before with anyone and it’s truly a one of a kind.


Read this over a few times this is definately a straight to the point book. There are 3 ways to do this all are pretty related but some different twists on them. Haven’t read the other PVA books on website so can’t comment on the uniqueness, but I am definately going to try this out tonight or tommorrow. These all seem like they could work with little effort. He gives very easy step by step results with even some examples of what he did for each way. This is definately a good book for getting PVAs will give more feedback on the result here in the next few days!

Rating: 9.5/10” – footballbob06


This method has never, ever been shared before with anyone and it’s truly a one of a kind.

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