The online marketplace is fraught with cut-throat competition. It is, therefore, crucial to stay ahead on the technology to curve to make sure your business and online presence is never adversely affected. One of the newest trends anyone serious about online promotions needs to master is Pre-pops. Here is a lowdown on everything you need to know about the pre-pop phenomenon and ways to use it for making money online.

What are Pre-pops?

Short for pre-populate, prepops are a feature that facilitates automatic filling up of data such as user’s name and email details on a website’s landing page. Basically, it is a feature that allows you to pre-populate certain given fields on a web landing page.

How Do Pre-pops Work?

Pre-pops best work for offers being promoted on a web page. The intended use of this form is to use users’ information, such as e-mail and other pre-populated details, as they arrive at your web landing page and employ it for redirecting them to the offer’s segment on your website.

Creating an Effective Pre-pop

Pre-pops are basically an improvisation on the forms created using PHP and HTML configurations. Any website committed to converting leads on incoming traffic on their web landing pages today uses this kind of forms. Wait, there’s more!

SEO is perhaps incomplete without social network traffic. In fact, it is becoming indispensable to get such traffic for your site as soon as possible. However, for successful brand awareness and higher online visibility through SEO, it is essential that this social network traffic is genuine. If this is what you are looking for, is likely to deliver the same. While this service is quite hyped in the SEO world, it is essential to know how reliable or genuine it is! So, let us check out!

What to Expect from Its Offers/Services refers to a social traffic exchange portal that is capable of getting traffic to the desired site, re-tweeting other users’ tweets for promoting your tweets to millions of users, and increasing Twitter followers. You are even free to manage the Twitter followers and site traffic via an exclusive statistics page. The service provider is against automatic tweeting and traffic exchange due to which it has some stringent provisions to minimize reduce fake visits as well as followers. This is more likely to contribute to the authentic growth of your social network.

While the services are not so surprising, the availability of these service for FREE, not cost at all, is what that can trigger suspicion. However, this is true in terms of money, not in terms of time! While it does not charge you lavishly, it does take some time to get you the desired results. So, how time is spent?

How Works

Well, for getting the aforementioned services, you need to either collect or buy points. Yes! There is point-based system wherein points are nothing but the way in which Traffup works. The more the points are, the more is the traffic, retweets, and Twitter followers for your site.

When you sign-up at Traffup,net, your account is credited with 100 free bonus points that need to be used further. After signing up, you can add your Twitter account and site to get free traffic as well as followers, respectively.

Once you add a site, you need to assign some bonus points for giving to other Traffup users who is interested in visiting your site (they will hit your site). To the existing account, you can add only up to 10 sites. You can even choose the ideal category for each of your sites. Similarly, when you link your Twitter account, you need to assign a few bonus points for giving to the users who shall be following you on Twitter. Similarly is the case with tweets.
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Giveaways and freebies have been a tried and tested marketing formula that almost never fails the litmus test. Though these have been around in the offline world for as long as one can remember, giveaways and contests have become an indispensable marketing tool in the social media age. At a time when almost everyone is relying on these tools to improve their online presence, the right strategy and timing can go a long way in helping you stand out.

Get the Formula Right

On the face of it, giveaways may seem like a simple deal – you put up a certain prize on offer and attract users in return. However, given the crowded space the internet is, not every giveaway translates into success. It is, therefore, important to use the right formula for announcing a giveaway. Besides announcing a certain prize money, you should also come up with added incentives that lures more and more people into subscribing to your offer, making the contest go viral. As the buzz around a giveaway grows, more and more people are likely to sign up for it. All the new subscribers in your database are potential customers you can reach out to by way of email marketing. As long as this criterion is met, you are on the right track.

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When was the last time you signed into a computer to read an article, watch a YouTube video or even shop online? Seems like a thing from another age and time, right? Well, Google thinks so too, which is why the internet giant has come up with an all new mobile-friendly algorithm.

What it Means?

The new mobile-friendly algorithm is by far the biggest change to be introduced by Google in over two years and is slated to bring about a complete overhaul in search ranking results with mobile-friendly sites taking prominence over their still-only-computer-friendly counterparts. This primarily means higher visibility for sites with mobile-focused sites as opposed to those who have not yet ventured in arena of mobile browsing or sites whose mobile websites are still in their nascent stages.

Mobile-Focused: The Hot Trend

With more and more users relying heavily on their smartphones, tablets and phablets to surf the internet, access social media platforms and even e-commerce sites, tilting the surfing experience to assist mobile browsing is only the next logical step in the evolvement of the virtual world. The change ushered in by Google’s new algorithm is aimed at simplifying user experience by formatting search results for the mobile device. The fact that Google actually made an announcement about the change in its algorithm speaks volumes its impact on internet traffic and subsequent revenue generation for individual sites.

What the Update Includes

The global launch of this new mobile-friendly algorithm is meant to simplify the users’ online experience. Some of the key features included in this update are:

  • Relevant and high quality results on mobile devices
  • Ability to read text without the need to zoom or tap on the content
  • Eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling a web page on a mobile device.
  • Altering search ranking of sites in accordance with the status of their mobile browsing sites
  • Focusing on individual pages as opposed to complete websites.

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