location based mobile marketing Mobile marketing is here to stay, and companies which utilize this platform are not only growing quickly, but they’re also creating disruptions in their industries. Worldwide penetration for smart phones is roughly two billion, which is about a third of the global population. Furthermore, research indicates that over the next 5 years, smart phone usage will grow by over 60 percent. Still, what is location based mobile marketing, and how can it help businesses improve their bottom line?

Mobile Marketing is Personalized

Traditionally, most businesses and services used a “one size fits all”approach when it came to advertising and marketing. For example, an attorney based in Dayton, Ohio would spend money on a billboard which showed his picture, phone number and a slogan explaining what services he offered. While many people would drive by the billboard and see it, only a tiny minority would be interested in the services he provided.

Mobile marketing is unique because it has created an environment where personalized promotions which are specific to a customer are delivered to his or her smart phone. Research has made it clear that consumers have no interest in content which is not relevant to their needs. In a recent survey about half of the participants stated that they wanted product offers sent to them by touch screen.
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Since the birth of modern computers, registry cleaners have been a part of life for many users. A register cleaner is a third party software designed for the microsoft windows operating system. It’s purpose is simple: remove all redundant items from the registry. The companies that put the cleaners out claim that they are useful to repair inconsistencies arising from manual changes to software and the actual effectiveness is debatable to be proven.

There is no doubt that a registry cleaner does something but what does it do exactly? Does it do more harm to your PC than good? According to windows today’s computer don’t really need a registry like some of the early two thousand model might have. According to their website the registry cleaner isn’t even necessary. “The Windows‌ registry is a collection of settings with rows & column that lists all of the front formation that determine how Windows looks and play the Games with better graphics. Sometimes, settings that are no longer needed will remain in the registry in case they’re ever needed again. There’s nothing unusual about this, and this data is considerably obsession in size,” (Windows, Microsoft ) The question quickly becomes whether trying a registry cleaner or not is worth it.

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The registry is a database where Windows stores all information about the programs installed in your system, and it is a huge database of information that is difficult to change, whether by Windows or by using the built-in disk cleaner tool.

How Windows Registry Works

The Windows operating system is programmed in a way that when you install a program, the information about the program is stored neatly in the registry. This helps the operating system to store the settings for that particular program, which also helps the system to save time in loading the program. When you multitask, the registry helps the system to keep all things organized, including when you are using your PC in your business.

The Problem with Windows Registry System

Although the Windows registry system can keep your device running smoothly, it can also creates a big problem for you. An unmanaged registry system can cause various problems for your PC, since an unmanaged registry will demand big resources from your PC hardware. The more cluttered your registry system, the harder it is for your PC to load your program smoothly.

You can inadvertently clutter the registry system in your PC even with normal usage. If you keep installing new programs on your PC, the registry entries will be updated. When you uninstall your programs, these registry entries will usually not getting cleaned in the uninstallation process, leaving many unnecessary clutter in your Windows registry.

Over time, these clutter will clog your operating system and make it difficult for it to load installed programs quickly. It also affects the overall performance of your PC. Thus, having a cluttered registry within your system can also affect the way you work. If you are using your PC to complete some projects, such as creating automatic reports about your employees’ productivity, writing your accounting reports, and maintaining a good air ventilation system in your store.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Windows Registry Regularly

So, it is very important for you to regularly clean your Windows registry from unnecessary clutter to keep your PC running smoothly. A good registry cleaner software can fix many errors within your PC that are caused by uncleaned registry system. For instance, when you are using graphic-intensive applications a lot, you can use the registry cleaner software to keep your graphic-intensive applications free from lags. This is especially true if you are playing online games a lot. A good registry cleaner, such as Registry Fix, can help you to get ahead of your competition by keeping a smooth gaming performance.

How a Clean Registry Affects Your Business

When you restart Windows, uninstall a program, and update your programs or operating system, many old registry entries are left within your Windows registry. With Registry Fix registry cleaner software, you can clear up duplicate entries which keeps your registry clean. When your registry system is clean, you can use your PC for multitasking without any performance problem at all. For instance, you might use it to manage your fashion and clothing store, update your prices, and using a Photoshop software to design your own brand logo at the same time. You will not get any performance issues with your PC, and thus, you can run your business without a problem.

A clean registry can help your PC run smoothly, and if you can get your PC to run smoothly, you can run your business and earn more money smoothly as well. Thus, a registry cleaner software is important and necessary for your business. It can help to boost your productivity and allow you to do various tasks that are necessary in your business.

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